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A key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet
Our company Olive Queen was created out of love for our lands and the olive trees on it. The main goal and purpose is the production of olives based on the traditional ways of cultivation and care of olive trees, which outcome as a product of excellent quality, with special aromas and characteristic aftertaste. This way we can offer you olives of excellent quality and taste, while retaining all the beneficial ingredients. 

Olive history

The olive according to research first appeared in the third millennium BC. in the Middle East and then expanded to the Aegean islands and central Greece.

Olive & Health

Olive is a healthy fruit rich in vitamins, good fats that offer many positive elements in our body. See the most important of them.


In the first stage, we collect the fruit from the olive tree. The picking is from olive trees which were provided the necessary care ...


We suggest some of the most delicious recipes in which one of the main ingredients is the olive.
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